Professional Gen Z Voice Actor based in Atlanta

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Season 2 Episode 10

I return as the main character's best friend, Ricky, in the brand new season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens' English dub! Get ready for the rush!

I recorded this from my home studio in Atlanta with directors Darren Dunstan and studio Konami Cross Media NY. You can watch on Hulu or the DisneyNOW App!

Nice to meet you! I'm Kevin!

I’m a LGBT Irish-American voice actor born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ever since I was a small child, I've known that VO was going to be the career path I would pursue. I've always been in love with the art and talent involved in making animation, would always read books as loud as possible, and with my parents being musicians involved with UK pioneers like Fad Gadget, I've always been close to the mic and voice recording software.

As a professional voice over talent, I specialize in character and dubbing work, but I also have experience in podcasting, commercial, video games, and more. Born in 2002, I have a youthful, energetic, and relatable voice that's perfect for companies and clients trying to capture that elusive Gen Z market, or provide a fresh touch to a brand. I hope we get to make some cool stuff together!

Home Studio Specs

  • AT2020 XLR Mic

  • Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

  • Audacity DAW

  • Treated home studio w/ SourceConnect & wired internet.

When Kevin talks, people talk! Get in touch!

When working, I can be directed through various platforms:

If you'd like to work with me directly, or any other questions, email

I am currently open for agent representation at this time for all forms of VO!

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